August 30, 2008

Sport of the Fall- Soccer

I see many parents who are super overwhelmed, because their children are in several different sports and everyone is a different age so, they are each on different teams.... My solution so I am not run ragged by trying to be super-mom in the sports arena? I told the boys they need to try sports they are interested in, do them all this year and maybe next year, then after that they need to decide which sports they want to pursue. Choosing one or two. Is it fair? I don't know, but it may help them excel in sports that they love and are good at.

So the sport THIS fall? We are doing soccer. We received a flyer the other day to do football, but we were already doing soccer. Maybe they will want to try it another year. Beside, as a mom, I think soccer seems less... um, contact sport-ish.

Deklyn, I think will excel at soccer. The boy LOVES to run. It's in his blood. He has to run or, well, he just wouldn't be Deklyn! He wasn't sure he wanted to do soccer ( he had never played it before), but I wanted him to try it. So far he enjoys it.

Deklyn in the red, lookin good buddy!

Austin on the other hand, I wasn't so sure of. He's not what you call a "runner". He has definitely got better over the years, but he is a kid who has short stints of energy. He does well, at golf & baseball. So far he enjoys it also, because at practice, it is short stints of energy! So we will see how he likes a game.

Austin in in the blue t-shirt, looks pretty good, eh?

Maybe the next sport will be basketball? We will see. Until then, watch for more pics and wait to see how games do for my boys!

Caden, the all star in everything, is trying his hand,, foot at soccer....

Koen, is a thinker... he's trying to think if he wants to play soccer or not... we'll see!

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