September 7, 2008


Yes, BIG WEEKEND, big letters...

On Friday, we helped set-up the wedding for my sister, Katie. What a long day, but I passed out that night with curlers in my hair and slept, well, not the greatest, but more than my sister! Oh, and her hubby-to-be FORGOT TO PICK UP HIS TUX.... yeah, all women who didn't have to go through finding out that your future Mr. forgot this.... well, be glad... Katie nearly passed out. No worries though, folks... He DID have it for the wedding! Good man.

Saturday- The Big Day! I was a bridesmaid, and Caden was one of the cutest things you ever did see... and he was the Ring Bearer. (Is that spelled right? Oh well, I will blame it on sleep depravity).

Here's a pic of the ceremony:

Here is a pic of my family (sans the extentions, I do say that lovingly....):

Here is a pic of Katie ( such a beautiful bride!) and Caden.... cute little feller... No he does not have any shoes on (I promise, he DID for the wedding.)...

Here is a pic of Caden BORED OUT OF HIS MIND. When you are THIS CUTE, everyone wants your picture!:

AND here is a pic of me and the most wonderful husband in the world... Sorry ladies, this one is mine. Yes, he even does WINDOWS!

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Joy ☺ said...

I don't remember Katie! I only remember Missy. Do your parents still live where you grew up?
Boy do I have some incriminating pictures of you!. Well, they are more incriminating of ME. But why not bring a friend dowwn with me? ha ha.