September 15, 2008

Plans Change- I'm Used to It

Well, he just set off. My hubby had to leave to go over to the Gary area because of flooding over there.

Pray for him. The last time he went to a flood area, he only stayed 1 day. They told him this time (as they did last time) that he needed to pack for 3 days. So he is hoping he will be home by tomorrow night.

We don't have TV connection, so we aren't sure how hard that area is being hit or what they are saying about the flooding. But Pray for the safety of all of the people called to the area to help out. Keep the people of that area in your prayers also!

Thank you!

So I guess, my plans will change this week! Not sure if shopping will get done today. Actually, I will say it won't get done today. And all of the running this week, I hope I don't have to do by myself! It's nice to have a helper! I also tend to "double-book" because I know if I need to I can have Hubby run boys while I run errands, or whatever. I guess that will have to change if he gets the day possition that he he hoping for!

I guess, that is why God put my husband & I together. I can roll with change pretty well. I would LOVE to be more schedualed... but whenever I schedual, almost EVERYTIME things have to change because my hubby is called out or his schedual got changed around. So I've learned to roll with it!

Pray with us!

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Megan said...

Praying for Deven and for YOU!!