September 17, 2008

Something New!

As if we needed anything else added to our scheduals... we can now include Cub Scouts! They signed up for that this week. And Hubby is also going to be a leader!

We will also be hittin' people up and seein' if they want to buy the Cub Scout/Boy Scout Pop Corn! They have pop corn, carmel corn, trail mix, CHOCOLATE covered popcorn, Cheddar cheese popcorn, etc. Anything sound to your liking yet? Seriously- if anyone is intersted in any of these , let me know. We will be sending 2 little boys and a big boy to Scout camp in the next year so, we need all the help we can get!

Anyways, the boys had lots of fun at their first meeting. They made boats. They were so excited becuase the actually floated. I think they are just looking forward to doing a bunch of boy stuff! And I was happy to see that the Boy Scouts/ Cub Scouts still have some roots in Christianity! Always- glad to see any organization that keeps God a part of them!

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