October 19, 2008

Better Week

Man! Have I gotten a little lazy on the blogging this week! This week was so busy... hubby and I got 2 date nights! One for my B'day, and one with some good friends from our church. So my sister, Katie, watched them on Monday and she watched Koen on Friday. Hubby and I hardly ever get to go out, but this week was a special treat! All of the other nights were filled as well... SO! I think this week is going to be slower (I hope!). I can get back to blogging, and get some pictures on... maybe some other fun stuff.

This week I am really reminded though, that our church family (of 2 years now!) are so wonderful! I love the group that is in our worship team, where I get the honor of drumming and singing with. I also have some great friends that are so much fun, and so very loving. I can't wait to see how much more our church family gets blessed in the future! We are starting to grow, physically and spiritually. And I can just feel new exciting things coming! I am part of the Women's Ministry and we have some wonderful classes coming up for our women that I am really looking forward to. And I am very much looking forward to working with the other women in the group.

The Lord is so good! We also had a Harvest Party this Saturday with our church family, and it was so much fun. The boys really enjoyed themselves too.

Like I said, more to come this week!

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