October 20, 2008

Our Past Week...

... was very full!

Monday was my birthday, and my wonderful husband took me out on a date. Tuesday I had worship practice. Wednesday was shopping day. Thursday was a meeting. And Friday was the Selah Concert in Kendallville. Which, BTW, was awesome. I really enjoyed the worship.

Here is a REALLY BAD picture, I didn't want to use the flash so it was a little blurry:
If you really want to cry, look at the blog that the singer here's wife has. They has a baby born in May, I think, and she died 2 hours after she was born. They didn't actually expect her to be born alive because of kidney problems. But I read the blog before I even knew the dad was the singer for Selah. I shouldn't say I cried, because I BAWLED. The Lord has really touched many people's lives though, through all of this. God bless this family.

And on Saturday, we had a harvest party with people at our church. It was lots of fun and a real blessing. Here are some pics from that.

Here is Koen on the hayride:

And here's the family!

Not sure what this week will bring... Deven got a new position at work, and that will be flipping our world upside down (that's a good thing!). So hopefully this week will go well. Pray for us and our new change!


Joy ☺ said...

You are such a cutie!
I love hay rides. Did you happen to save any hay for me? ha ha.
That is a fun family pic!
Where did you go out to eat for your birthday???

Anonymous said...

I am so bummed I missed Selah, I did not know they were in Kendallville. I also read her blog months ago, before she had her baby, and read her blog on a regular basis. She is quite the women, a women of God. I can't imagine going through that. Cute pic of you guys on the hay wagon. Our fall party at church is on the 31st, can't wait should be lots of fun. Congrats to Deven! Sounds like it will be a change in hours! Thats good Right!
Love ya