October 27, 2008

Dates and Saving Money

I mentioned on my other blog for women, some ideas on Cheap dates.

I have, within the last few days, signed up for more E-Clubs of some restaurants we like. And guess what??! Most of them had birthday clubs (where they e-mail you a gift for your birthday, maybe free or money-off of meals!). And all of them would send you specials and deals!

Here are ones I have contacted:

Lonestar Steakhouse- They sent me a $15 off for my birthday, and they have also given us a free appetizer coupon and lunch specials coupons.

Applebee's- They have an E-club, but I am not sure they have a birthday club. I know they do for Kids though. You have to sign-up while you are there, and then they give your birthday boy or girl a free meal for their birthday!

Ruby Tuesday- This one is in Angola, and also I believe in Fort Wayne. They have an E_club and birthday club. I have actually signed my husband up for some of these so we won't have like 5 places to eat around my birthday. Plus, I'm all about spreading the love, and saving money. =)

O'Charleys- This restaurant I know is in Fort Wayne and Mishewaka (I believe). Kids eat free here with a paying adult. Which is very nice. This is everyday. I signed up for their E-club and they also have a birthday club. They have already sent me a coupon for a free appetizer.

Texas Roadhouse- If I weren't married to the most wonderful man, I would probably leave him for the Roadhouse's rolls and cinnamon butter. I know my hubby would probably do the same, if I weren't so wonderful... Anyways, the great news is they also have a E-club, and a birthday club. And they have (since Friday) sent me, a free appetizer coupon for signing up, a free appetizer for my "belated" birthday. And also a note to say that kids eat free there on Halloween. While we don't celebrate Halloween, it would save us a lot on money to go on that night with the kids! And they don't have to dress-up!

I hope this helps with a great date night! I am also going to be looking up and posting on place your kids can eat free!!! Stay tuned!


Megan said...

Thanks that made it easy. I signed up for all of them except O'charlys the link didn't work.

thanks for doing the work!! Now we have to wait until next sept for our birthdays!!

Sarah said...

I have FIXED the O'Charleys site link!!! Sorry!