October 25, 2008

Important Brown Nose Information

Attention: I will now give you some information that could earn you valuable points in life. Today is Mother-In-Law Day. Go now, and wish your favorite MIL a wonderful day. Tell her you love her, and if you lie about stuff, you could lie and tell her you've been thinking about this day all week, or month. Maybe all year. On second thought, don't lie. That would NOT earn you brownie points with your MIL, or God.

While you are at it, say an extra prayer for your MIL today. Because she deserves it.

Happy Mother-In-Law Day, Carolyn! I love You!!!

And here is (most of) the family you helped create... Way to go!

Looks like you got some WINNERS! =)

1 comment:

carolyn said...

thank you daughter in law.
You are my favorite daughter in law. It is ovious that the other in laws have not won any brownie points. Of course the day is not over yet!! What a great family. I am blessed!