October 13, 2008


Today- I'm takin it easy... It's my birthday and I can be lazy if I want to! So I am going to post some pictures we took over the weekend...

Because of the OUTRAGEOUS prices of school pictures, I decided to take my own pictures and get the pictures made myself... Here are the pictures we decided on for Deklyn & Austin....

Here's Deklyn:

And here's Austin:

Here is a fun picture of all of my boys and a little of me... They all love being goofy!
Here are Deklyn and Austin with their BRAND NEW Cub Scout apparel:


Joy ☺ said...

You are 32!!

Man, I should write poetry. Seriously. Did you just see that rhyme?
Love the cutie pics. You did a great job AND saved money all in one. You proverbs woman you! :)
Have some cake today!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!
Love ya Brooke

Bovee Brigade said...

I missed your birthday, but I'll tell ya today anyways....happy birthday! Hope it was enjoyable for ya!