November 8, 2008

A Belated Happy Birthday

I got to tell him in person, but he may feel left out if I don't put a semi-embarrassing photo of him on my blog. Actually, he never gets on the computer. This is more just for family enjoyment... kidding!

So here he is:

My father-in-law

He took our family out-to-eat for HIS birthday, and took us all to see the opening night of Madagascar 2. It was very funny. There was some adult humor, but I would let my kids see it again. Of course the best part was the re-occurring song from the last movie "I like to move it, move it...". You know the one. You are singing it in your head right now, I know.


Megan said...

great pic Sarah!

Bill Sines said...

Look at that fat bald dude next to him. Who is that? Is it human?

Joy ☺ said...

How fun! Did you eat popcorn and buy milkduds? I always smuggle mine in. ha ha.