November 12, 2008

Owl Story

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping with my sister. On our way back from a really good trip, we saw an OWL on the side of the road! And it did NOT fly way when we drove by it (It was right on the edge of the road). So we turned around and went to see if it was hurt. It was kind of standing but you could tell it's wing was hurt.

So I called my hubby, who has actually talked to a lady who rescues hurt large birds. They determined that the owl need to be scooped up and taken to an accepting vet clinic. So, my sister and I got a blanket that was in the back of my truck, and went to the owl. (all the while parked the wrong way on the wrong side of the road) We threw the blanket over the owl, and I picked up the owl. It did not struggle at all. I slowly picked him up, it was like picking up a skinny cat. He was so light, and delicate. My sis helped us into the truck. She drove to my house (2 miles) and hubby met us outside. We took the bird into our house (Yeah, I had an owl in my house). I slowly took the blanket off and my hubby tried to get ahold of him, to put him into a box (as per the instructions and care of a hurt owl, on the internet). Here is a pic:

Then, we put him in a box, as we tried to contact someone (on Veteran's Day) who would take the hurt bird. I guess it is illegal to keep them??? So FINALLY we were able to find a nice man in Fort Wayne, who instructed us to take the owl to a vet in Fort Wayne. And he would care for the bird, after the owl had possible surgery. So, hubby drove over an hour, with an owl and a very excited little Caden in his backseat. They dropped the owl off to the vet clinic, and left his info. If the owl made it OK, and were to be released back into the wild, they would probably bring him back to the same area. And they would contact us.

He was so beautiful. His eyes were awesome to look at. The intensity of them, were amazing! I hope he is off now to a full recovery!

So, to recap... I held an owl, I had an owl in my truck. I had an owl in my kitchen. My husband drove an owl in his car to Fort Wayne. Owl is on his way to being fixed! So, yeah, that was my day.

Oh yeah, if you want to see my awesome shopping trip (that happened before the owl), you can see that here.


carolyn said...

Oh my goodness - there is always exciting things at the hostetlers
By the way - I think the Lord is showing you something from this owl - see if you can figure it out. As I read it the Lord inpressed on me something but I want you to seek Him to see what it ya

Genesa said...

That is so cool! I'm so jelous!

Sarah said...

Carolyn- Thank you... He is so amazing. Thanks for telling me I should look further, I started to tear-up as soon as I read your comment. He told me instantly.

Joy ☺ said...

I want a pet owl! It's rigth up there with wanting a pet lemur. You could write a book and be like Gene Stratton Porter!!

Anonymous said...

So cool! And the Lord used the owl to talk to you! That is so awesome!!

Megan said...

What an amazing day!!

Erin said...

Very cool Sarah. Glad you helped that little guy out. I have so many memories, some recent, of my dad rescuing animals and bringing them home with him - baby deer, an eagle once!, owls ... I believe my parents know someone near them that rescue wildlife. Anyway, nice job! And fun too.

LifeAtTheCircus said...

Wow! How very kind of you to notice him and go to all the trouble to try to help him. I am impressed. You are right, he is beautiful!