January 16, 2009

Answer: Guess that Vacation #2


It is a picture at Machenac Bridge, in Michigan.

Go HERE to see more pictures and information about the bridge and the area.
The picture at the top was taken in July.... just kidding (that was for you, Brooke & Carolyn! ). It is from the web site above, it was taking in January 2007. That area is one of my families favorite places to go. It is a beautiful area, and we love seeing that area in the fall. It is a place we don't mind seeing year after year!
Stay tuned, Monday I will post another picture! And I promise it will be tougher. And also, on Monday I will be doing a giveaway! So, come back on Monday!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

That bridge looks super scary with the icy water beneath it. Yikes!!

The colors in this pic are beautiful.