January 15, 2009

Guess that Vacation #2!

Back by popular demand (well, no one has really said they DON'T like it...), guess that vacation!

I figured I'd go a little easier on my family, since they stunk it up in the last game... =) The next installment though... it's anybody's ball game (hint, hint).

Today, is another picture of my adorable boys, three of them this time, and myself. Here it is:

I will tell you it is NOT that ginormous bridge in like Japan or wherever. It is in the United States. And yes, I DO believe that my boys are possibly the cutest things on the face of the Earth...

So, you got any guesses???

Answer coming tomorrow!


Megan said...

Mackinaw bridge in Michigan????

Caden is so cute with that big smile!

Genesa said...

Mackinaw bridge. That's a great picture!

Jessica said...

Mackinaw Bridge (is that how u spell it)? Thats the only bridge I know besides San Francisco Bridge and this bridge is obviously not red)

Mom of three little Princesses said...

Mackinaw Bridge!! Where is your snowsuit at! LOL
Cute kids!