January 9, 2009

Exciting, Fun Stuff Coming Up!

The exciting coming up, is a giveaway I am going to be doing for my 100th post! (This is #94, BTW)

The Fun is going to be on Monday... I will be posting pictures of some of my past vacations, some as a family, some as a single gal out on the prowl (AKA-when I was 10 and still living with my parents...).

I'm going to make a little guessing game out of it... Hopefully you all will play along and make me feel like I have friends out there who care about my crazy little guessing game...

Like, I said this will start Monday, but until then, I will tide you over with a picture of a vacation... then I will tell you the answer. This maybe a little more fun for some of my family members BUT, I will try to make it fair to all of you!

Anybody know where THIS is at?

Hint: it is in Indiana....


Hint #2: It is in Indianapolis...

Anyone yet?

Answer: Indianapolis Children's Museum, it is called Fireworks of Glass. Go HERE to see more of it plus a really neat picture of it. It is 43 feet tall, and made of all blown glass. And weights 1800 pounds. There are over 3200 pieces of glass in the tower! Pretty cool, huh?

Hopefully, I will see you back here on Monday for some more fun... (at least I am having fun! )


LifeAtTheCircus said...

Congrats on the 100th post milestone! I look forward to the festivities next week!!

Genesa said...

Neat! I was going to guess that!