January 13, 2009

Guess that Vacation!

Ok, I know I am a day late... the story of my life! I wanted to get my groceries done yesterday, though, because of a major snow storm that is supposed to hit here. My hubby didn't want me out on the roads today.


Here is my first picture:

This picture has Deklyn on his 2nd Birthday, Austin 9 months old (same as Koen is now!) and myself.

This will be easy for my family, but it can be easy for the rest of you also, IF you look closely at the clues in the picture...

Where are we??? This can also be in 2 parts. Where are we, and where are we at exactly...

Here's a little close-up on those cute little boys: (Can you spot any clues???)

Answer will come tomorrow!!!


Genesa said...

I know I'm not family,but considering Megan...... I would have to guess Santa Clause,in. I'm not sure, I don't see any clues. I can't tell if their shirts are supposed to be a clue or if it's the window reflections, neither one's helping me!!

mother in law said...

I know it disney in Florida
We did not get to go with them!!
Cute Kids!!

Sarah said...

Disney what, MIL. Be more specific! =)

Megan said...

okay kinda a guess here but it looks like
Walt Disney World "Magic Kingdom"
I don't remember this exact location but looks like that theme!

If you want it more exact someone else will have to help you out!!

great pic btw!

Jessica said...

I'm saying disney world only because both boys have on mickey mouse shirts "exact location" I couldnt tell u!

Joy ☺ said...

It's Disney? I've never been there so I would have had a very bad guess. However, I will say that you look like a barbie doll in the picture.

LifeAtTheCircus said...

My guess is Walt Disney World, Mickey Mouse's house.