January 26, 2009

This Weekend's Pine Box Derby

This Saturday, my boys and their Boyscout troop participated in the annual Pine box Derby. They were given a small block of wood, everyone got the same wheels, and same axles. They had to cut out a car shape and paint it.

The boys worked hard on it, and they thought THEY were going to win.

Here they are before the race:

Deklyn will forever have goofy smiles on his face... He won't give "nice" smiles... He always has to be funny. But they are SOooo proud of their cars and their paint jobs...

The race started, and we quickly realized that our cars were a little slower then the others (ok, a lot slower)... There were 4 different heats and each one we lost. There were 2 that Austin didn't get last in, but each one Deklyn got last.

Well, in the end, Deklyn got last place (20 out of 20). Austin got 16 out of 20. Deklyn actually got a trophy for being the slowest!

An Austin was a little sad that his car did better then Deklyn's but HE didn't get a trophy.

But, in the end we learned that the way we "weighted" the car was the wrong way, and that we need to do it completely different next year! The boys had fun though, YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF US, PINE BOX DERBY!!!

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Jessica said...

Ha, I love the smile! I would atleast give them an A for their paint jobs:) I was just curious what is the answer to your last pic(the ball field) Have a great day