January 27, 2009

Guess that Vacation

I TOTALLY forgot about the answer to the last "Guess that Vacation". (thanks Jessica!)

So if you remember, I had this pic:
And this one:

So, the answer is:
Comiskey Field in Chicago, where the White Sox play or I guess it is NOW called US Cellular Field.
After Prom, my senior year, some friends and I went to Chicago and saw a game and walked around, I think we ate at McDonald's. I was poor and my "date" was really just a friend of mine, so he didn't pay for my stuff.
It was fun though. Nothing like a time out with your kids. I think I would enjoy going to game much more now that I have 4 boys to enjoy it also.
Here is another pic I found on the Internet:

Join me tomorrow, and I will find another vacation photo for you to Guess that Vacation!