February 9, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

I know most of you probably didn't realize I was gone, but I was! My husband surprised me with a weekend away from everything! We pawned the kids off on various family and friends. And took a train to Chicago.

We stayed at a fancy Hotel called the Swissotel. And we ate in their expensive restaurant. A couple country folk like us felt a little out of place with a table next to us talking about being on sabbatical to Australia for a year, learning from the Aborigines. Being the new Dean to a college. You know. Their Lobster was even at a new lower price! Only $63. for a 3 lb. lobster! WOW! I wanted one, but then I decide to spend MORE money... (not). But it was an experience!

We also spent all of the beautiful day Saturday walking the streets of Chicago. We rode the public bus and looked at riding the public train. We decided we were on the verge of being a germ-a-phobe. The bus was all we could stomach. But we took that bus to see the Blue Man Group. That was really cool. It was a lot of percussion and a rock-n-roll beat. There was also audience participation. Luckily, neither one of us was chosen for the funny stuff they did. The hubby was so excited to have his first Playbill, we had our pic taken with it. I think he feels cultured now, or something.
(Don't mind my hair in any of these pics... it was living up to it's name,the Windy City, while we were there....)

Yesterday, I got the Chicago paper from Chicago! =) I even saw the Chicago Tribune building. It was actually really neat. The building was made of some sort of stone, and added in the uniform stones were other stones from other buildings and things, like a castle in Ireland, the Notre Dame cathedral, the Berlin Wall, places in China, Dublin, etc...
Here I am at the beach in Chicago, no that's not white sand. It's snow.

Anyways, we came home yesterday afternoon, on the train. We picked up our boys from their 3 different locations, and finally got everyone home about 6:30 last night. We were all in bed at 8:30 PM!

Thank you to all of the family and friends who help us out this weekend! We had a great time. And I think the boys enjoyed our time away too!
When I walked through the doors at our house, it was clean, in 3 short hours, and one hour this morning, it got to be this mess...
But, look what else I got to wake up to this morning. Ah, it's worth it. I'm glad to be back. Even if we did have a messy diaper this morning that we had to change bed sheets and take a bath... I guess that's what makes me a qualified mom, I'm back in business!

Now, I need to go clean up some messes, and do a ton of laundry! I love my job. ;)


Joy ☺ said...

Wow! What an awesome anniversary surprise!! I love your coat in the picture by the Lake Michigan. Chicago is so fun! For real though, how do you keep your hair so shiny?
I miss the explosive poop days. Maybe it's time for another one...

Joy ☺ said...

I also meant to say I love your new blog design! Very cute!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

I too love your new design!
What an awesome anniversary weekend! My hubby and I have Chicago on our list of cities we'd really like to visit one day.