March 15, 2009

Boys on a Budget- NASA

Tonight, my boys and I watched as a space shuttle blasted off and went up into space. This space shuttle, we learned was headed for the space station that is circling the Earth. Did you know it circles the Earth once every hour? I learned that by watching it one afternoon on and off as I did my chores. There is some pretty cool stuff to be learned about space exploration!

So, this "Boys on a Budget" is going to give you info on how to feed those space lovin' little boys in your life. You are going to want to visit NASA TV. There you will be able to see where the space station is, and it's orbit. Also be able to hear people on the space station communicating with people in Houston, and also Russian people communicating with their people. You can also see, like we did tonight, when Space Shuttles get launched into outer space!

We literally spent 3 hours watching the different stuff going on tonight before the launch. They showed the astronauts suiting up, they were interviewing people on their knowledge of working with the NASA programs, they showed the astronauts getting taken to the shuttle then getting buckled into the actual seats in the shuttle. There was even a camera on the last tank to drop off of the shuttle, so you got to see a little of what it looked like heading into space.

NASA Photo courtesy of

I am also on Twitter, and receive updates and info from NASA, on there. So, they give me info when something cool is coming up, like the launch.

So, free (well, besides paying for Internet) and it holds a boy's attention and gets their brains going on what it would be like to be an astronaut... Check it out! You won't be sorry!

PS- Thursday & Friday they hav space walks scheduled, MAYBE they will be showing those (live) on the NASA TV! We will be watching for it!


Danielle said...

Love this series if I haven't told you yet!!!!! Thanks so much for all that GREAT info...I think the boys and I will check it out tomorrow!!!!! Keep the great tips coming your doing a fab job!!

Megan said...

My kids Loved watching the shuttle take off!

thanks for the idea!