March 17, 2009

Lovin' Spring!

Spring is here! And we have been enjoying the sunshine. Now, if it will only stick around for a while!

Here is Deklyn, with a turtle he found in our pond:

Here is Caden with a Salamander he found:

Here is Austin with a Tadpole he got from our pond:


carrie said...

wow that is a big tadpole!! the life of a mom with boys!!haha are you squeamish about these kind of things?

Sarah said...

No, I actually help them catch stuff sometimes. I kill spiders, because they are too scared. I hold worms & bugs & snakes & frogs... My daddy taught me right I guess!

Mom of three little Princesses said...

Man I need to send Jama over there, she would be screaming all the way to the house. Last night Jama was freaking out because there was a moth flying around the room.. She will probably have 4 boys when she is a mom!!!

carrie said...

jama sounds kinda like beth!! beth is scared of everything. and i guess God knew what he was doing giving you 4 boys girl!!! kinda like me my boys bring me all kinds of weird stuff....haha

Megan said...

looks like a fun busy day!!