March 19, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

This week, as I have been reflecting on my last child being born one year ago, I also remember the man who has been at my side. My husband.

I could not do what I do, without him. When I was sick and pregnant (all four times), he took care of me. When I was in the hospital, he slept on the most uncomfortable beds next to me. When we brought our babies home, he helped with the cooking, cleaning, etc (still does). He changes diapers, even poopy ones! He cleans up vomit, he fixes stuff, he even cleans windows!

Besides, doing so much, he has always been a great and loving husband. He is exactly the man I would have chosen, but God chose Him for me, and for that, I thank God everyday. I am grateful to his parents for his upbringing. I am also grateful that he listened to God, almost 11 years ago and started following hard after Him.

I am never worried about him at work because there are plenty of times where God had shown He was there and watching over him. He is a man after God's heart.

Thank You, God, for giving me a husband that is so loving and so wonderful. A man that is a great example to his 4 sons, and a man who has always set a good example for me...

So, what are YOU thankful for this week???

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