March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Koen!

Today's the day. My baby turns one. One year ago I looked like I was ready to pop, and at 3:15 pm today, it will be one year since my precious #4 entered the world.
Then only minutes after getting to hold him for the first time, they told me that he needed to go to the NICU because he may have swallowed some fluid while going through the birth canal. They said it would probably be only a short time like maybe an hour. So I cried and gave my new born baby to the nurse to take away, so I couldn't see. My wonderful family all came in eager to see a new baby, but only to find me. I was sad and wondering when I would get to hold him again. And waiting to see his little face again!

Then they came in about an hour or so later and told me he would probably have to stay overnight, and I could go see him. Hubby told me that he would go check on him and I should stay and rest... right. I couldn't rest.

The next morning I got up and they wheeled me up to see my baby. He looked like this and it completely broke my heart:

All of those wires and even a little needle stuck in his tiny little arm. I could hard stand the sight. They told me he was going to have to stay longer until their scans showed all of the cloudiness gone from his chest. I could only hold him that second day, when the nurse was able to hand him to me. The second day, I could take him out but the whole time I had to wear a yellow coat thingy and plastic gloves.

After 3 days, there was a mass exodus of the cloudiness (a God-thing, I know), and we got to take him home. And what a blessing he has been ever since! Here is my precious #4 today:

Happy first Birthday, sweet baby Koen! We love you!


Erin said...

Happy Birthday to Koen! Our babies almost share a birthday. Ella turned 2 yesterday. And also when she was born they had found meconium in the amniotic fluid so she was also whisked away. So scary. Then she had such severe jaundice she had to wear a bili jacket almost constantly. I hated that I had to have a big machine plugged in and wrapped around my new little baby. Forunately she is healthy now too. Anyway, it was fun to read this birth story! Thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

yes I'm sure that was a scary time...God was watching over you and baby and took care of everything!!!We sure were praying!

happy birthday little guy!!!
he is sooo cute and happy!!

Genesa said...

Praise the Lord that made it to 1 year! Happy Birthday Koen, hope you have a great 1st birthday and many more to follow!