March 26, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Boy am I behind this morning! I am off schedule because of the boys being home for Spring Break...
Today, the thing I love today is people who pray. As a Christian, prayer should be a huge thing in our lives. When we pray, we get to see things happen first hand that would probably not have happeened if there weren't praying people involved.
Megan has a place where every Wednesday you can go and link up, and share prayers, encouragement, etc. And you can also go to people's sites and help pray. I love that.
I also love that I have a praying Church. There is LOTSA prayer goin on there! And people aren't afraid to pray for you when you need it!
I also have a praying husband. That I am very blessed to have and eternally thankful. God could not have given me a better gift.
Eph 6:18 Pray in the Spirit in every situation. Use every kind of prayer and request there is. For the same reason be alert. Use every kind of effort and make every kind of request for all of God's people.
Make sure to DAILY lift people up in prayer. I thank God for you and your prayers lifted up today. Go HERE if you would like to help pray for people that I know.

1Ti 2:8 I want men to offer prayers everywhere. They should raise their hands in prayer after putting aside their anger and any quarrels they have with anyone.
If you would like to link up and tell us what YOU love this week, please join us! We would LOVE to hear what YOU love!


Megan said...

Great post. Prayer is soooo important!
thanks for the link too!

Genesa said...

Hey Sarah I wanted to let you know that I started out w/ a retractable line. I haven't had my real clothesline for a year yet. I got ours @ our local hardware store. Actually if you would want mine I would be happy to give it to you. It's still attatched to our deck, but I didn't use it at all last year. I was going to take it down before winter and didn't get around to it. If your interested just let me know! (I think it's 30-35 feet)

Joy ☺ said...

Hey prayer is a good thing to love! Good idea. I try to remember to pray all day, but it ends up mostly consisting of me saying "God, here I am, I'm thinking of you.. I'll be right back." :)