March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday DEKLYN!

Happy Birthday to my #1, Deklyn! He is 8 years old today.
8 years ago, he sent me into labor during the evening of the 23rd. I had him in the early early morning of the 24th, after lots of work on my part and talk of a c-section. We welcomed our first (but not last) son into the world.
He has been a joy (and only sometimes a pain!). He loves to draw and read. He loves soccer and is starting baseball soon. He likes trains and legos. His favorite colors are red and green. He loves pizza and chocolate milk.
Happy Birthday to my Boy Deklyn!


Megan said...

Happy Birthday Deklyn, have a great party day!!!

Genesa said...

So cute! Hope you have a great birthday!

Mom of three little Princesses said...

Happy Birthday Deklyn! Love ya

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