April 27, 2009

30 Days on the (mini) Farm- Day 8

Another warm day here on the (mini) farm. But windier then it was yesterday, it was VERY windy!
Our ducks ventured into the pond tonight, for the first time! We let them out of their cage area about 3 or 4 days ago, and they were scared to death to come out. But eventually saw how much fun it is on the (mini) farm, and came out. I saw them figure out how to get to the pond ( a little path through the grass that the chickens take to get drinks), this afternoon. Then this evening, when I was taking care of the animals, I was wondering why I wasn't hearing their quacks (they just started quacking too!). I went out and looked around and saw them having a ball in the water, dipping under and splashing around. It was so cute.
On a sad note, we lost a pup today. It had a cut on it, and I think it is from Girl. She pushes the hay around quite a bit, that they are laying in. So, I am thinking she got the baby with her claw. Now I am a bit nervous about the rest. She is a farm dog, so we don't clip her nails but, I think I am going to try to find some clippers. There is another pup with a smaller cut on it too, we are hoping he will be OK. Having baby animals makes me so nervous! I feel like I need to watch them constantly, but I guess God has give animals the instinct to care for their young, and I need to let them practice the instinct!
Saturday, when I was getting burnt on the mower, I mean mowing the lawn, I saw a Killdeer acting all nutty by my mower. I stopped mowing and watched it. I looked around, and not far from me was a small nest on the ground with 4 little eggs in it. It was beautiful, the eggs on some sticks with green thistles around it.
I went out this evening and got a picture of them. I thought it was such a neat pic. I stopped mowing there, by the way! I put a stick up beside it so we would be able to keep track of where it was, and not interrupt the nest. Here it is:

The ups and downs of life on a (mini) farm!

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Megan said...

Yea WINDY!!!!!

Those pups are sooo cute, sorry you lost one.

very cool pic of the eggs!