April 1, 2009

Boys on a Budget- Thomas Train!

Another thing that has been well worth the money spent, was when we started buying these little dudes here:

Thomas the Tank Engine, and all of his friends. Now, we own LOTS of pieces of track, train & places from the Island of Sodor. We started purchasing pieces when our oldest was about 2, so we have has some of these pieces for about 6 years now.
They are very sturdy toy, even for all of the "roughing" the boys do with the pieces, you know, train crashes and such... Most of the pieces that we have are made of wood, the wheels are plastic, but the bodies are wood. Some of the pieces you just can't do with wood, and are made of plastic, like the aquarium car, and the zoo cage cars. But they are still kicking today, after my boys playing with them (I would estimate) 4-5 times a week.
I love these instead of video games because they make them use their imagination. And when building tracks for them to run on, they need to grasp the concept of how the track is going to fit where they want it to, and then making it fit all together in the end. I love to see the elaborate track designs they come up with.
We also own SEVERAL movies. They are all a very good message, and the original creator, Rev. W. Awdry & his son, Christopher (who later too over and made the stories himself) are Christians!
Here are some Thomas activities you can do on the Internet too.

If you want to find some reduced prices on Thomas Toys, go online and look at Ebay. They have lots of good stuff on there, and we have used that resource a time or too!
We have even been to a LIVE Thomas event where we got to ride on Thomas the Train. Do searches for this on the Internet. We rode on Thomas at the Whitewater Railroad in Indiana. This was the highlight of my boys for at least a year!

As long as your boys collect Thomas stuff, you will always know what to get them for Christmas & birthdays!

Do YOUR boys play with Thomas the train???


Genesa said...

We love Thomas here.

Megan said...

Yep we play Thomas too. Some days Shad really likes them then other days he's just into his plain ol cars! either way they both keep him busy!!

Danielle said...

We have the wooden THomas track also...nice and sturdy!!! I wish my boys did play with it more though...seems like they go in spurts of playing with it then forgetting we even have it....Even with that being the case I feel it's great "boy" toy and does last the test of boy roughness time :)

Mominin said...

We love Thomas, too! My boys don't play with them that often, but when they do they play most of the afternoon. Oh...my girls like playing with Thomas, too.

Alyssa and Ron said...

I found your blog from your post on the Grocery Cart Challenge (while I was logged on to my debt blog) and clicked over here. Love your blogging and can't wait to keep following. Four kids+budget=though task for mom!

By the way, my son has 1 Thomas toy and it is in the bath. Hoping he gets a lot for his bday. :)

Elizabeth said...

My littlest boy Elias says Amen!! He is a Thomas fanatic!! We have been playing with Thomas for years now, and I never get tired of them. I like the videos too. I just wish they weren't so expensive!