April 14, 2009

Feeding Boys on a Budget

As I think about living with boys, on a budget, I also HAVE to think about how I am going to feed their ever increasing appetites! My brother, while in High school ate 2 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches AND a big bowl of ice cream BEFORE BED. Not for dinner, not for lunch. AS A BEDTIME SNACK!

So, as I think someday I will have an 18 yo, a 16 yo, a 14 yo, and an 11 yo all under my roof in 10 years, I also have to wonder how we will manage buying all of the food that we will have to have to feed them.
Right now, I have a $70 a week budget. That includes laundry soap, shampoo, napkins, cereal, meat, milk, etc. Everything basically. I deal shop, using coupons. So, I look at all of the sales at several different stores, then I try to see if any of my coupons match-up. If they do GREAT! If not, I still have to consider if I can get it that cheap anytime from somewhere else. If it is the lowest price I will probably see for a while I stock-up! This method has worked well for us this last year (I started doing this about a year ago). We will be doing a lot more gardening and canning/freezing this year also. Hopefully that will help!

I wonder what everyone else does for saving money on groceries and/or feeding boys (or any teens really). Can you give advise to us with younger children? If you have some good advise to give, please leave us a comment or a link if you have written about these things on your blog. Thanks so much, can't wait to hear your comments!


schnider_am said...

I have two growing little boys and I know what you mean. My 5 yo and 2 1/2 yo are already eating more and more everyday it seems like.
I usually do the hole coupon deal even though I don't do it as much as I should.

Megan said...

Yes I am wondering how it will be to feed mine in a few years too! Better keep working those coupon deals!

Sometimes when we have Malachis favorite, hot dogs, he will eat 3with buns and side dishes. whoa he's only 10!!!

sistersledgekws said...

I had a good recipe that is frugal this week on a recipe swap with another blog. Check it out.
I am also doing:
"Thrifty Thursday" with Mr. Linky's widget at

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I'm a followin!!

rural mom of 3 said...

Hi! It's your fellow Cub Scout mom and wife to the Mini Cooper guy your dear husband inspected for us (Ray and Amanda). My boys are only a little older than yours but I do a lot of homemade cooking and scratch and dent store shopping. I have a blog too www.ruralmomof3.wordpress.com You might get some more ideas from there- although my hat is off to your couponing- I'm not organized enough to have my A-game hat on for this one! Wonderful blogs- God has given you a true gift!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I understand totally. I have four boys as well, and three girls!! My eleven year old can out eat his daddy and I already! Living on one income can be intimidating when it comes to groceries and boys! One trick is whole grains, it fills them up more! Cooking with beans and grains instead of meat on occassion is also cheaper and filling! Pass any great ideas on to me!! God Bless!

Laura-Lisa said...

One thing that is hard to keep in the houser is snacks...the boys will tend to sit and eat a whole box of cheese crackers instead of a serving...breaking things up into serving sizes helps keep the snacks in the house...this way I can buy a big bag of prezzels and it last a while...Meatless Mondays and Wednesdays also helps streatch the budget. I also register online for some of the products we do use a lot of for coupons and extra deals.

Mary Garven said...

I have a blog all about money saving ideas - I have 3 boys and a girl - 16 - 22 years old and my grocery bill is $150 a week - all included.
Mary Garven That Makes Cents

H5 said...

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