April 15, 2009

Coming Soon!

Just wanted to remind you all where I have been this week, I have been blogging for Happy to be at Home about all of our meals! SO if you want to check it out go HERE! I am the Kitchen of the Week! Thanks for everyone who has visited so far!

Also, soon (In the next few days!) here on 8-Muddy Boots, we will be starting "30 Days on the (mini) Farm". Where we will be daily (for 30 days) keeping track of our farm activity in pictures here on our blog. This should be a fun & comical view of our crazy little mini farm. Join us for the fun!

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madfolly said...

I think you might be interested in the Unplug Your Kids(www.unplugyourkids.com) TV Turnoff Week challenge. I linked to it on my blogs, too. Although with your busy life I'm guessing you don't watch much TV anyway...