April 22, 2009

National TV Turn-off Week

This week is National TV Turn-off Week, did you know that?

Most of you probably don't know that we have a TV but we don't have any channels! We can watch movies, but we don't have a dish or even an antenna.

We turned our TV off last Spring, because we knew being outside would be a priority, and paying for a hundred channels would just be a waste. So, we got rid of it, and never got it back.

It's actually kind of nice! We get our weather from our computer. As well as local news. We also have a weather radio to warn us if there is any bad weather coming our way.

What is the average YOUR family watches television per week? When we had it, I probably kept it on all day, not really watching it but having the background noise. The kids probably watched 2 hours a day, after school. We watched things like Discovery Channel or similar.

So, how much do you watch???

For more info go to: http://www.turnoffyourtv.com/


Megan said...

hmmm the TV is probably on at our house an average of 4 hours a day. The kids probably watch more like 2 hours or less.

Normally it's not on at all during the day until around 6-7pm

Several years ago...okay more like 8 years ago we got rid of our TV completely and it was nice. But I do enjoy watching some shows too.

I think you have to find a nice balance that works for your family!

schnider_am said...

Well I did not know that. I guess we have already broke it though.

We here have Directv and just about anything you want to watch is on it. I dont know why that would be a question for my husband who has to have just about every package they offer.

We usually have it on most of the day watching mostly Nick or Disney. But we are not always watching it. Im bad at turning it off.

At night it really depends on the night since we are usually at some sporting event here but if we are home at night it is most of the time on some sports game.

MommaD said...

we watch a lot of tv in this house, and probably mostly in the manner you described-background noise during the day. but we are anticipating a move to a bigger house on about three acres later this year-and am thinking about cutting it out when i can send the gaggle of boys out to run around!!!

Danielle said...

I did not know that..although that doesn't surprise me b/c since we don't watch much TV we are usally out of the loop on things...If we do watch any TV it's PBS...nothing else is usually fit for the kids to watch and if you do find something that is the commericals are horrible...I would say we watch 2 hours in the morning then the TV is off the rest of the day and evening unless we can't be outside b/c of weather then maybe we watch a movie or something....with having boys I feel like a limit on TV is a must, they store up to much energy if they sit there to long.