April 16, 2009

Things I Love Thursday- A Tender Heart

I'm late! I'm late! I know I am late for my posting today, and I DO apologize! I had a family garage sale I had to help at, and this morning was crazy too! So, please forgive my tardiness!

On to what we love!

What I love this week is a little boy's tender heart. I had a friend tell me this week, that one of the differences between her boys and her girls, is that her boys have such tender, loving hearts. I was reminded of this again last night with Deklyn.

He was telling me that his best friend in his class, Jax's grandpa passed away. Jax has been very sad in class and hasn't been able to do much of his schoolwork, and Deklyn was very sad for him. So, all last night Deklyn was very quiet, and this morning he was also. I asked him if he was thinking about what it would be like if he lost HIS grandpa. He said yes.

So, pray for Deklyn's tender heart. And pray for Jax too.

So, what is it that YOU love this week? If I didn't catch you in time today, maybe next week. But if you can, please link up what you love!


carrie said...

isn't it amazing how true that is . my beth is tender hearted but my zach worries and grieves over people and situations. what a balance God offers

AudreyO said...

A garage sale on a Thursday? Our garage sales are all on Saturdays.

Betty said...

It is so true how little boys have tender hearts. My son is the same way. What a cute story, thanks for sharing it. :)