May 14, 2009

Things I Love Thursday- Healing

This week has been super long for me! I am glad it is finally Thursday! So Happy Thursday to you all!
Today, I was reminded that I love this because we are facing this right now. But, I love the AMAZING healing that our bodies are able to do. There is no hiding the fact that our bodies are dying, as we continue to get older. But God made our bodies in such a way that they can heal themselves! I think God that He has also given people the wisdom to be able to discover things, such as performing knee surgery! Modern Medicine has come so far. And yes there are many problems with it, and many abuses. But for the most part, it truly IS amazing.
I thank God, that my husband has been able to feel better, day-by-day. And in a few months, he should be healed completely. Thank you God for the healing abilities that you have given our bodies!
So, what do YOU love today???
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Megan said...

Yes Thank-you God for your amazing healing!
Keep getting better Deven!

Mominin said...

Yes...God's design is amazing, isn't it! Happy to hear that Deven is getting better. Praying that his recovery is quick!

Shelly said...

Praying for your hubby!

Dee said...

it's a wonder what the body can do...I guess it's the amazing thing God created. We underestimate it.

It's the power of His love!

Bláithín said...

Healing? Yeah, I'm all about that! It's amazing what our bodies can do with God's help. Glad Hubby is improving...soon he'll be out rototilling your garden again :-)