May 28, 2009

What has been happenin' on the (mini) Farm???

I will get back to my 30 Days on the (mini)Farm tomorrow. Until then, I will try to catch you up on the activity on the farm. I don't have pics because these last 3 weeks I have been in the "just get it done" mode. Hubby is doing good, by the way. He is ahead of schedule on his progress, and started driving today.

But in the last 3 weeks...

The baby puppies, weren't being fed much by mama. So they took to eating food, and drinking water. As soon as hubby knew this, he said it was time for them to go! They were 4 1/2 weeks old, and we put an ad in the local paper, and gave away all 9 of them. We could have given away about twice that! They were sweet little things though. And getting chubby on all of that adult dog food they were eating....

Also, hubby was feeling spry one day last week, and went down to the barn, and watched over the boys as they did the chores. I had been putting "turkey" in a pen in the barn at night and then letting him out in the day, just for his protection. The evening hubby took care of animals, he left "turkey" out. The next morning, "turkey" was dead. I was sad, of course because this little guy still let me pick him up, and he was not so little anymore. We think they older (3 year old) hens that we have got a little sassy, and pecked him to death. He was just a quiet, timid guy. That was NOT a good day...

I had to replant lots of things in my garden. There were somethings that were coming up and lots of things that weren't. When I replanted, I saw some of the old seed and they weren't sprouting at all. I hope it isn't a problem with the seeds!

I have been the mower/ weedwacker on the farm. And I am getting rough hands, and a tan. I am feeling so manly... =S hehehe

I think that is about it. I will start posting pics again tomorrow. There is always SOMETHIN' happenin' on the (mini) farm!

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Dee said...

good ole days! I'm sorry to hear about your Turkey.

Hope your garden awakens soon and starts to produce.

I still miss my garden.