June 9, 2009

30 Days on the (mini) Farm- Day 28

What a beautiful day today! Tonight on the (mini) Farm, my parents came over and helped set-up the clothesline that my dad actually welded for me. I am very blessed with such a loving and talented family! We've had several people come and help with things that hubby couldn't do because of his knee surgery. And I am personally thankful for that!

So, tonight my parents came and dad helped put the poles in the ground. Here are some pictures:

The boys loved "helping" their grandpa with the work, and I loved that he is patient enough to let them help!

So tomorrow, I can hopefully put the string on and hang some clothes outside! I am mostly excited about hanging my bed sheets out there! Nothing like fresh bed sheets!

Hope you all had a wonderful day! See you soon!


Bláithín said...

Yeah, isn't your dad just the best? :-) And I'm wiht ya on the bed sheet thing!! Not much better than that!

Genesa said...

Yay! Line dried clothes are the best!

Muttie said...

Yep!! I think your dad is the greatest too. I've known him from the day he was born. ;-)