June 9, 2009

Swag Codes!

Have you heard of Swagbucks? Oh goodness. I am so excited about Swagbucks. I have been signed up with them for about 4.5 months now, and I have got enough swagbuck to buy about $50 in gift certificates!

And you know how I got all of that? By doing nothing! Well, almost nothing. Searching the Internet. Hard right?

Well, if you haven't signed up with Swagbucks (sign-up only requires your name and e-mail!), NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!

If you go HERE and enter the code EIGHTMUDDYBOOTS in the code area, you will get 6 Swagbucks to start out with! When I signed up, I only got 3! Swagbucks is celebrating some new things coming up this week. So keep your eye on the Swag Site and watch all of the new and exciting things!

This is only for NEW sign-ups! Us who are already signed up can't use the code.

So, COME ON! Sign-up HERE and use the code EIGHTMUDDYBOOTS! Then make sure you use Swagbucks to do all of your searches, and you will earn Swag in no time! Oh yeah, and share it with your friends. They would enjoy FREE SWAG too! ;)

And hurry! This offer is only good until 6/16!


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