June 18, 2009

Things I Love Thursday- Acts of Kindness

When I was thinking about the things that I appreciate and love this week, I was thinking about my boys. And this week I have been taking them to swimming lessons all week. Swimming lessons we never had to pay for.
Nope. Not a penny.
The swim lessons were donated to kids by our YMCA and Wells Fargo. How awesome is that? SO, this week the thing I love is when others reach out and give people a chance to do something that otherwise wouldn't have got to. Or just to do something to spread some love! I know Wells Fargo gets their name on things telling how they helped out on this, but that doesn't get much in return. And I think that is awesome. Kinda like paying it forward?
So when is the last time you did something, not for your names recognition, but just to help people out? I know I need to do this more.
I was reading recently on a friend's blog, that she and her hubby and little boy were eating out at a restaurant and someone who they never met or saw, paid for their meal. All they left was a note saying that they paid for their meal and a bible verse. How cool is that?
SO, now it's YOUR turn! Link up and tell us what YOU love today! Please make sure you link DIRECTLY to your post about Things I Love Thursday. Don't link to your general site address. And if you don't have a site to link from, please leave a comment and just tell us what you love!
Go ahead! What do YOU love?


Joy ☺ said...

It's Friday which means I'm a day behind. But, my big behind covers a multitude of sins right? I haven't gotten a chance to read my favorite blogs in a while, so I'm finally getting around to yours!
That's awesome that the boys get swim lessons free! The next time you go camping and swim, they will have been taught not to pee in the water. I still pee in the water even though I know I'm not supposed to.
Keep up the good work mis 5,000 followers! :) :)

GypsyFox said...

great post, so sweet!

Nessa said...

That is wonderful that your little ones are getting free swimming lessons! It is so nice when people bless each other like that. I need to work on paying it forward myself.