July 17, 2009

Pictures From Florida

I thought I would post some pics and a little of what we did last week. Well, my son and I, anyways.

Me, my son Caden, my mom and my niece, left for Florida a week ago Sunday. We were going to move my grandpa's things out of his place down there, up here to Indiana. We were going to try to get the realtor to re-list the house. She wouldn't call my mom back. So we worked on getting it all packed up, and at the pool there in their community, a man started talking to my mom about Caden. He has a grandson named Caden. Anyway, HE was looking for a home to buy there in this park. He asked to look at the place. Long story short, he bought the place! So God answered prayer there. We needed it to sell ASAP. We also pulled a U-Haul home behind the van, from Ft Myers, FL to Northern Indiana. Ugh!

Boy, was it a long trip, but God was watching out for us, for sure.

Well, here are some pics of the fun stuff, Disney Marketplace, Beach, pool (trying to cool down after the hard work...).

Thanks to all of you who prayed for our safety and for us to get in SOME fun time! God is good!
I will be posting more on the Wonders of Disney! I LOVE Disney, and I will post some suggestions and pics coming soon in Vacationing with Family!


Megan said...

Looks fabulous!! WOW only God could sell a house like that. Esp. in today's ecomony!!!

Staci said...

What wonderful photos! I'm so glad things worked out so well for you!