August 19, 2009

"Back-to-School" for Mom

Yes! It's Back-to-School time, and I love it! I love all of the school supply sales, and I love that the house gets a little more quiet!

But, when the boys are off to school, I am going to have to change gears once again. Going from the "all the time" entertainment and referee, to the 1 hour chaos followed by 7 1/2 hours peace! So, I need to reconstruct my "free" time to get more done while the boys are gone, so I can pay all attention to them as soon as they get home until they hop in bed.

One thing I am going to get done is some baking and canning from things we have in our garden. I recently got another freezer, and now it's time to fill it with all of our homegrown goodness! I also want to reorganize some areas that I have been very relaxed with, including my desk area (which tends to be a "throw all" spot for the boys. I also want to do a bit of a clean up and organize in the kitchen. With a lot of help from the wonderful hubby, we were able to get the boy's rooms and clothes reorganized (can you believe they have grown out of clothes since we did our Spring Cleaning???). I also need to reorganize my coupons! This is one area that I have let go, in order to make time for the hectic summer lifestyle... One thing I want to kick back into gear is getting myself on a schedule. Scheduling computer time, Bible time, cleaning time, etc. Do any of YOU do this? I have found in the past, it actually helps me get a lot done. I am able to space out my chores on different days, and get more done in a day! Believe it or not! The calendar and chore schedules are my BFFs... (I know, I AM a nerd).

I am soon going to be getting my three sheep and I want to be ready for them, so I am going to take more time to study up on this new "adventure" also.

So, what are you doing? Are you gearing up for back-to-school YOURSELF? Any great ideas? Do you NEED to get organized???


Megan said...

Hey I added your button, had no idea that I didn't have this site on mine!!!

We started a couple weeks ago. Since we homeschool we're all about a schedule although right now it's a very loose schedule. We'll tighten our belts in November!

Dawn said...

Do I have a schedule? Ha! Without one I would be in the loony bin for sure! Were working on tweaking the schedule now for back to school. Plus my fall cleaning schedule that I'm actually looking forward to tackling!!
Great blog, I enjoy it a lot!