August 13, 2009

Bad Blog Friend...

If someone could be written up as a bad blog friend, it would SO be me!

My family and I have been enjoying camping, and I haven't got to keep up much with ANYTHING! I have had giveaways, that I have been horrible about drawing names on time... (coming ASAP). I also have lots of new to giveaway! So, bear with me if you can!

I will also be posting some great camping pics, and pics of what we are doing now on our mini farm!
So much going on, so little time. Right now, I am sitting in our camper with WiFi (I know, roughin it) and my kids and hubby all went to the beach to swim. So I only have a tired little man tugging on my pantleg now. I will DEFINITELY be working up some great new things, and back up and "normal" with in a few days.

So, thank you so much for sticking with me! Talk to you soon!

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