August 6, 2009

Things I Love Thursday- New Members of the Family!

I love new Members of our Farm Family!

Tuesday, the family and I made a trip up into Michigan to purchase these:

These are all Jacob Sheep. The name for Jacob sheep comes from the theory that these sheep are the descendants of Jacob's Sheep in the Bible. You can read about it in Genesis 30.

Gen 30:35 And he turned out in that day all the striped and spotted lambs, and all the speckled and spotted goats, every one which had white, and every black one among the lambs. And he gave them into the hands of his sons.

The picture at the top is of the lamb who we are going to have bred! So hopefully in the spring we will have a baby or 2! Her name in Lyndsay. She has 4 horns. And was a little skiddish, but I think she is going to work her way out of that. I am very excited about her!

The second picture is of our little boy. His name is Puck, but I think the boys want to rename him... We will see about that. He will hopefully be able to breed some of the ewes in the future. Right now he is almost 5 months old. He was also a little skiddish, but he seemed like he will come out of it easily. He has 4 horns.

The third picture is of our little girl, her name is Myst. She is a tiny thing, and has super soft wool, right now. She is also almost 5 months. She has 2 horns. She is also a little skiddish, but I think she will soon be a sweet heart!

So, there they are. We have to go back and get them, and hopefully that will be after we (start and) finish our fencing. Lyndsay will will get after she is bred, hopefully the first of December. We are excited to start something new on our farm, and love these beautiful sheep! Welcome Jacob Sheep, Welcome! =)

Now, it is YOUR turn! What do YOU love today? Share it with us!


Shelly said...

Aww, they are so cute!

Pineapple Princess said...

I'm a new follower of your fun blog!

natalee said...

Im new to your blog i love it natalee

Daisy said...

Aww they are so cute! Btw, hope I'm not too late for the Thurs. meme.. *wink*


Hit 40 said...

Beautiful new animals!! Aside from the horns... I would love to give a cuddle to them. Soft!!