September 21, 2009

13 weeks Until Christmas!

Sorry, didn't mean to frighten you! But every year, I find that the more prepared I am, the less stress there is. And Christmas should NOT be a stressful time! It is a celebration for the One who came and gave us LIFE!!!

So, I will be starting to each week post some ideas for gift giving! I am a HUGE component of making your own gifts!!! They can be VERY FRUGAL (which I LOVE!!!), they can be fun, and they can be from the heart (made just for the receiver!). There is NO better gift. And you don't have to be as crafty as your sister or your best friend. You just have to find something that YOU enjoy doing, then explore the different ideas on the Internet. Do you like scrapbooking? Look for different ideas that you can use your scrapbooking skills! Do you like to do the "trash to treasure" thing? Give some of those new "treasures" as gifts!

This week, I have, so far found one very cute idea I would like to pass along, a manicure kit cover. Check it out:
Do you LOVE it? You can get all of the manicure accessories from the Dollar Store, and material will cost very little. If you love it, like I do, hop on over to "dhbuscher" and check out how to do it! Awesome gift for women (or men!) in your life!

If you have a great link that you would like to have included, please e-mail me! I love getting new ideas!!!

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dawn said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for featuring my tutorial. Cute blog.