September 3, 2009

Things I Love Thursday- My Barn Boots!

OK, in case we haven't already established this fact, I think I will say it again... I am a dork. I'm not afraid to admit it. And to establish that fact for you, I will show you the thing I love this Thursday:

Yes, those are boots. Barn Boots, in fact. And they're mine. And I love them. They are a little bit different from my boy's, in that they have small pocka-dots on them, and a lot different on the inside, 'cuz their pink!

Yes, I did stand outside this morning and take pictures of my feet... I am a dork.

So, now to YOU! What do YOU love today??? Please share it with us!


Megan said...

Well I'm not afraid to admit I'm a dork too!!!!

Love the boots they're everything I imagined and more!!

Genesa said...

I'm like Megan, I'm a dork too!

Those are super cute boots! If I had barn chores I would totally wear them and it would make the chores that much more enjoyable! Love them!

The Millers said...

Ok I love love love the boots. But even more, thats a REALLY neat pic of the boots, barn, new posts and the chickens...its very fun!

Sarah said...

It's all staged... I made all of the chickens stand in their spots, and I moved some posts so the picture would look good... ;) OK, I'm lying. By God's grace, He gave me a good picture, nature and all were cooperating. =)

Kim Cash said...

There's still a couple days left if you want to enter your picture in. The Farm Aid photo contest.

I think you should. That's a great pic.