September 3, 2009

Christmas is Only 3 1/2 Monthes Away!

OK, now that I gave you a good shock to your system...

There is one resource that I used last year, and will be using again, to gear up for the holiday season. Call it "Fall Cleaning" if you will. I love it. It is by Organized Christmas... Yes, their site is actually called that. It actually started this week, with List Week. Ah, I love making lists... It goes week by week, and has a different room to clean, and different tasks to perform before you have a very well organized Christmas! It is filled with printables for each wee, or you can do what I did, and I took one of those $.05 notebooks from the school stash and started writing down each week what applied to me for that week. It worked better then to waste paper AND printer ink.

So, if you would like to participate on the side with me, I will post each week what I have done, and you can also leave comments and post what YOU have done also. It is just a very well planned way to help ring in the holidays, with less stress.

Because, the holidays should not be about stress at all. They are about the One who came and was born on this Earth, so that we could one day all be in Heaven. I accept that promise, and I want to avoid all un-needed stress. SO I go the List making way!

This weeks cleaning project is the front porch. And we need to make gift lists, Christmas card lists, are you throwing any parties?, Make menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year's, etc, list meals to freeze so you can pull out on those busy days! And a long-term shopping list, what kind of items will you be needed for your meals, watch for them to go on sale!

I am making my lists, and checking them twice... sorry, I had to do that. And my plan for today is to clean off my front porch, or if you are like me, you have 2 porches. I will be working on both of mine.

Are you willing to give this "organizing" thing a shot??? What do YOU need to do this week???

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