October 19, 2009

Boy, Lovin' History...

One great thing about NOT having TV... the love of things that happen in books. Like History. We from time to time buy the boys new books having to do with history. They love the "Wild West" and Pirates. They also LOVE the Civil War. Deklyn especially.

Last weekend we went to a festival at our school farm (yes, our school has a farm!). There were some Civil war reenactors there, and when we got there they were shooting off a very loud cannon. I noticed one of the men was my old bus driver! Jack was my bus driver from Kindergarten through 8th grade. So I took Deklyn up to meet him. He told Deklyn if we came back in 30 minutes, when it was time to shoot the cannon off, he would let him pull the cord to shoot it! That made Deklyn's day. So we left to go tell my husband about it, and Deklyn was
anxiously awaiting and kept checking the time. Finally 5 minutes 'till the cannon, and Deklyn went running over to them. It was neat to see them load the cannon and each of the steps that they took.

Then, FIRE!

Then, happy boy! =)

Here's a close up of Jack, and my happy boy:

Thank you Jack for making a great memory for my son!


AmyMusings said...

Aaaaw! He is going to run with that memory in his imagination of all things war reenactment. My son loves history, too. I go into his room to put clothes away and on the floor are lego men in battle scenes. I tiptoe around it. Is Deklyn's artwork civil war battles??

Bláithín said...

How neat!!! Can't wait for you guys come to visit us so you can experience some of the Civil War battlefields, etc. Anyway, Jack was MY bus driver from the time I was in K-garten until I graduated! Now you know how old he really is----eeeeek! I wonder how the rest of his family is doing? I was good friends with his daughter, Becky, but have no clue where she is now or what she's doing.

Sarah said...

I think the hubby already knows we are going to PA next summer! So, we will let you know when we will come for a visit!!! Jack still looks the same to me as he did 25 years ago (oH MY GOSH!) when I started riding the bus... I dont' know how any of his family are, but I think he still has foster children. I know he lost his wife 15 years ago or so... A very caring man. It was good to see him.

Sophia's Mom said...

The look on Jack's face sys it all! A love of reading is a wonderful and powerful thing to have in life.

Good job!