October 21, 2009

Fall is Beautiful

I LOVE Fall. It is probably my favorite time of the year. The worst part about it, is knowing that Winter is around the corner... Growing up and living in Indiana all of my life, you would think I would be USED to it by now... But, alas, I am not!

Today is probably going to be the last REALLY NICE days of this year. It is supposed to hit 70 degrees, and already it is SO nice out.

As always, our tire swing is photogenic, so I take a picture! =)

I have one sick boy today, but I am thanking God, it is nice enough to open up some windows! He is already feeling better. Have a wonderful day today!


MOMMY-MOMO said...

wow!!! what a gorgeous picture! I love fall too! except we still have a warm one here in southern cali

A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

Wow, what a beautiful picture

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