October 12, 2009

Jacob Sheep, Puppies & Larry Gone Home...

Wow. So much has happened since Friday! I took pictures of most everything, just so you, my friends, could follow along with us...Friday, we went about 2 hours away and got 2 new members to our 8-Muddy Boots Farm Family. Their names are Myst and Puck... Here they are:

Puck is the male, and he has 4 horns. Myst is the female, and she has 2. We will (in December) be getting a new female, who will have 4 horns. She will also, HOPEFULLY, be pregnant! =)

We also go another surprise on Friday, as we were getting ready to unload the sheep, Hubby found our dog, Girl, had her pups! Of course she couldn't get into the barn and had them in this tiny corning on the edge of the "lean-to" nearly getting wet from the rain that was falling here... So, I got her some straw and moved her into one of the "sheep stalls"... There are 4 pups. Her last 2 litters were 9 and 11, so we are glad for 4! Here is the tired mama in her new area with her pups...

Can you tell the papa was a black lab???

And a sad note to mention, well, really just probably sad for me. But about a year and a half ago, the chickens had beat up and "outed" a chicken that the boys quickly named "larry". Being a FEMALE the name was funny and stuck. But poor little Larry wasn't amused, as she was limping and had lots of feathers pulled in the process... So, she lived under our front porch for a while while I fed her and slowly brought her back to health. Eventually she made her own way back down to the barn, but the other chickens always kept her in her "place". In these last few
months, Larry hadn't been looking too well, but when a friend checked her out, we couldn't find anything external to tell us what the problem was. So, Saturday morning, on my trip to the barn that morning, I found my poor Larry laying. She had gone home to the big "free-range" pasture in the sky... I won't lie. I cried. She was a really great chicken! She didn't mind being petted and picked up, she would often come and sit between my feet when I would stand for any length of time. Including her last day with us. Here is a pic of her standing between my feet as I was checking out our new pups. She actually was so comfortable, she fell asleep. She did that too... SO, here she is, the best chicken, Larry:

To end on a better note, our sheep are adjusting well! I actually am getting the female (Myst) to come up to me and eat grain out of my hand. She seems like a very sweet girl. And the male (Puck), seems disinterested in what I do, so I guess that is good. That means he's not uptight! We have kept them in a large barn stall for the last 3 days, so they could get used to us, and our barn's sites, sounds and smells... Today, I think will be the first big day out to pasture!

So, much fun happening around here! ;)


carrie said...

i love the sheep!!!! and girl is the best mommy and always has the most beautiful pups!!! sorry about larry i know she was you special chicken!!! glad your farm is growing!! happy for you guys!!

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Great pictures! I like you blog. Stopping in from Mom Bloggers Follow Me Club. I'm following and looking forward to reading more.

By the way, I think the name of your blog is great!

Bláithín said...

Poor little Larry :-( My Venus and her sound like they are/were in the same situation. It will be a VERY sad day when Venus goes to that giant free range pasture in the sky. She's such a sweet little chicken...we swing on our porch swing together :-)

Loved visiting you on Saturday and seeing everyone once again. Love your little homestead...you've got it fixed up really, really nice! I'm jealous!!

Love you guys!!

AudreyO said...

I love the pups. Great photos. Glad I stopped by today.

Genesa said...

Sorry about Larry! Your sheep are beautiful! What an awesome adventure!