October 15, 2009

Happy Sheep, Fat Bellies...

We let our new sheep out for the first time on Monday. Which was a bit of a trick, because not all of the work is done in the barn, so we had to take them out of the FRONT door of the barn to get them through a "make-shift" gate into a pasture, formerly known as our side yard.

Luckily, Myst, our baby girl has taken a small liking to me (and the grain in my coat pocket). So I was able to lead them out, with hubby's help, into a lush new pasture. They LOVED it, and we left them out about 4 or 5 hours. They munched the whole time.

2nd day, I let them out myself with them only escaping into our lawn twice. Luckily, Myst LOVES her some grain... But, a small problem arose with Puck (our boy) likin' himself some grass. He liked it so much that 8 hours after being in the pasture, his belly was FAT. I mean he's a sheep so his wool gives him some bulk anyways, but he literally gorged himself on grass. So, we have had to watch them on how much time they are in their new pasture.

Today, they were so eager to get out, I had no trouble at all leading them, they went straight to work eating all that they could in the 4 hours that I let them pasture.

But they are happy things, and I love to watch them find their way around. When I come outside, I call to them, "Whatcha doin' babies?". Myst (the noisier one), gives a little "baaa", then keeps on eating.

I love them.

The other day, Austin, my 7 yo, was telling my 4 yo that we are on a REAL FARM now. My 4 yo argued with him. SO Austin asked my husband, "Dad, we have a REAL FARM now, don't we? " My husband had to break it to him that we DO live on a little farm... But there are farms that are much bigger. We just have a few animals (mostly dogs and cats!)... Other farms have much more.

I'd say, we live on a real farm... a real (mini) farm.

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Mom of three little Princesses said...

Your sheep are so cute! Also tell Austin that Ali, Jama and Chloe thinks you live on a real farm.