October 28, 2009

My Kitchen Doesn't Feel Like Home Unless...

I recently came across yet another great blog, Chickens in the Road. I was reading some of her past posts and came across a question she asked her readers, and I loved it. It made me think a little!

My kitchen doesn't feel like home unless....

How would you answer this question??? Here is how I would~

My kitchen wouldn't feel like home unless:
  • There were tons of pictures and kid's drawings and A+s on the refrigerator.
  • There were a wire basket with fresh eggs on the counter.
  • There were antique kitchen items dotted through the whole kitchen.
  • There was a little Koen dragging around his kitchen bench getting into the cupboards and on the counters, scavenging for food.
  • There was a candle lit on the counter, and smelling up the house.
  • There was a delicious SOMETHING baking in the oven.
  • There was an island full of Legos, drawings, crayons and pencils...
  • There were little sticky fingerprints all over the very edge of the counters.
  • There was the happy chatter of 4 little boys around my table.
  • There were those same little happy boys around the table saying their prayers to God, to keep us safe, to keep everyone in the whole wide world safe, and to help us to do the right things... just before a home cooked meal with my wonderful husband.
What blessings all happen in the kitchen! How would YOU answer this question? I would LOVE to hear!

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Katie Jennings said...

I love yours!! I am so glad to hear of someone else with a child who drags around a stool to get snacks for themselves and whatever else they want to reach! I am surprised by the places I find that stool somtimes :) And messy fingerprints, millions of colorings, painting, pictures,and drawings EVERYWHERE!! The candle- definitely, or some nag champa burning! Baking- but of course!! Family dinner- the best!! Liv starting her prayers with "Father Jesus"! Ellie praying that daddy would get home safe, even when he's sitting right there! I would add the following: Some really cute aprons hanging around, the aroma of coffee mixing with the nutty candle, some of my favorite music for the day playing in the background, windows open with a soft breeze. And while in my kitchen the sink is probably full more than it is empty, I feel more "at home" when dishes are done!!