October 17, 2009

New Ideas, Make it Yourself!

It is getting closer and closer to the holidays, and I have found some MORE great ideas for homemade gifts! These 2 ideas come from a great little site I found, called "Sweet Cottage Dreams". Here are two ADORABLE ideas:

When my grandmother passed 2 years ago, she left behind many things that when you saw it, you thought of her right away... One of those things was shells. She LOVED shells and she left a lot behind. Cuz', you know they have plenty in heaven. I even got MORE this summer when my mom and I went to Florida to close down and try to sell their place down there. Well, there were TONS of shells. I think she always grabbed them when she walked the beach, which she also loved to do. So, I was thinking the other day, what am I going to do with all of these shells? Then I saw this perfect idea:

Shell wreaths. I think they are a perfect addition to summer or to a cottage... And a great way to keep all of those shells that my grandma thought would be nice in her home... Go HERE to see how this can be made... Very easy!!! And when ever I look at my pretty shell wreath, I will be able to think of my precious grandma...

Then check out this precious little gift:

Soooo cute and you could make these to add to the top of a gift or they are cute enough to have as a small gift alone... And best of all you could make them yourself! Go HERE to see more about them!

Remember, a handmade gift is one of the BEST gifts a person could receive, ESPECIALLY when made from the heart...

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Goodness, thank you SO MUCH for writing about the things I made. I am honored!!! Did you make a wreath?

Have a sweet day,