October 16, 2009

Time for a Cute Boy...

It's always a good time to check out a cute little boy! We have lots of those "cute boy" moments mixed in with craziness around here, so they balance out pretty well.

The other day, I was going to go out to the barn, so I started to get "bundled up" and Koen, my 18 month old, noticed me getting ready. He runs and grabs his brother's sunglasses and a small purse that I "outgrew" recently. He puts the sunglasses on his head and the purse on his arm, and wants to go out with me. He did not get to go out to the barn with me, not matter HOW cute he was.

But then, later, I need to go to my mom's and told the boys to get ready to go... Koen, once again, ran and got his sunglasses and purse. Here he is ready to go to grandma's!

If it can get much cuter than this, I don't know how! Now, time to teach the boy to grab a WALLET instead of a purse, so his dad won't freak out... ;) hahaha!


carrie said...

you know when zach was little every time i emptied a purse he stole it and filled it with trucks or animals!!! to them it is just a container for their stuff!!! i think at one point zach had about 10 purses he used for his stuff. he has since moved on from purses and uses old backpacks but he still loves to carry his stuff around in a bag!!! lol

Stina said...

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