October 30, 2009

Top 10 Favorite Movies for Kids

This is a tough one, but I am SO willing to go there!

What are the criteria for movies in our home (because they do HAVE TO pass some criteria!)? Well, I have boys ages 1-8, so they obviously have to be kid friendly. No cursing (or very little!) because it is extremely difficult to find movies with NONE, so we just use those times as a lesson in 'what NOT to do'. Funny is a BIG plus! My boys are all very funny little guys, and we need some new phrases to use in our lives! =)

Some TYPES of movies we LOVE, are classics! We love the old TV shows. They have the Lone Ranger, Lassie, Flipper, The Andy Griffith Show & Bonanza. All good shows that I don't have to worry about them learning anything bad off of. We love the old movies. We love older Disney movies! Apple Dumpling Gang, Herbie the Love Bug, etc rank among the top. We also love Tomas the Train. My boys at 7 & 8 will still sit down and watch it with the younger boys.

That being said, here is our top 10 Favorite Movies (in no particular order):
  1. Narnia - I know this wasn't under one of the above criteria, but it just is a favorite!
  2. Any Thomas DVDs
  3. Flipper
  4. Lassie (we have several, including movies)
  5. Herbie the Love Bug (the music is kind of groovy!)
  6. Polar Express
  7. Home Alone (this may have a curse word or two in it...)
  8. Apple Dumpling Gang
  9. Any of the Max Lucado movies for Kids, like Buzby the Bee, etc
  10. The Disney Vacation Planning Video - Yeah, I know. You can get these free from like Disney.com and it basically shows rides and attractions. But the boys love it because they have been there and know the places that they are talking about. They also dream of going there again someday...
So, there is our kid's top 10 favorites... They always watch a movie they like, like they watched 'Mouse Trap' last weekend... But their FAVORITES and ones approved by us, are the ones listed above.

What movie could your children absolutely not live without?

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Kristy said...

My daughter absolutely LOVES Ratitoulle, she watched it everyday for about a month when we first got the DVD!
Both kids enjoy E.T and since it was MY favorite movie growing up, I love to snuggle up with them and watch it whenever we can : )

Happy Halloween!